When is It the Right Time to Get Dental Implants?

When is it the right time to get dental implants? At Levan Dental Group, we get a lot of customers who come in and ask for implants. What we do is we check and assess the condition of the patients to see if it’s the right solution for whatever their teeth problems happen to be. However, we don’t allow boys under 17 years of age and girls under 14 or 15 years of age to have the procedure.

Why the minimum age?

Boys and girls have different minimum ages at which they could go for an implant, provided it’s the right solution for them. That’s because jaw development in kids and teens can continue up to the minimum age. Once they hit those ages, though, then getting one is all right and okay.

When are implants used

So you have a missing tooth. Implants can work since you only have that one tooth to manage. It’s easy enough for us to provide someone with one tooth with an implant that’s especially designed for that. That’s a possible option for kids if the problems persist. Once their jaw growth is done, they’ll be able to look into dental implants in Livonia.

What are other possible treatments?

If getting an implant is out of the question, though, you could explore other wonderful treatment options for implants.

  • Flipper. Missing teeth can be replaced by choosing this to recreate the tooth you lost. It’s also a great cosmetic tool if you want to improve the way your tooth looks.
  • Bonds. In some cases, material is bonded to a fake tooth. That’s another alternative you can consider.
  • Braces. The space between missing teeth can be closed by braces, says EmpowHer. However the bit of wire the child would need to use could turn out to be uncomfortable, at least for the next few days until the adjustment period takes place.

What are the advantages of implants?

  • Improved biting pressure. Gives you the same biting confidence you had when you still had a complete set of teeth.
  • Greater fit and comfort. No more dentures that slide or slip. You can also say goodbye to mouth sores.
  • Durable and reliable. In many cases implants can last for over 20 years with enough care.
  • Better you. Confidence is all about being comfortable in your own skin. With better teeth from Levan Dental Group, you can laugh, talk and smile like you’ve never before.