Tooth Darkening Factors: Why Your Pearly Whites are Now Gray

There are numerous reasons why teeth color changes and plenty of factors to explain why yours went from white to a bit of yellow. Here are some questions to help you determine these. Knowing this should help you figure out what to avoid or change in order to get your pearly whites back.

What do you eat and drink?

The food and drink you take in affects your teeth color. Blueberries, teas, and others leave a stain on your teeth, which make for a less than brighter smile. Some people think that brushing your teeth should be enough to wash these off your enamel. But with constant and prolonged exposure to this diet, the stain will get harder and tougher to remove.

Do you smoke?

Nicotine and tar, chemicals both found in tobacco leaves, leave behind stains that are hard to remove. Tar is typically dark while nicotine is colorless. However, when the latter mixes with oxygen, it turns into a yellowish substance that leaves stubborn stains behind. That’s why heavy smokers often complain that their teeth have gone from yellow to brown. That’s the nicotine and tar at work.

How old are you?

Inside the enamel of your teeth is a dentin. It’s a soft, yellow area. As you get on in years, the enamel or protective outer shell of your teeth breaks down. It starts to thin out from all the brushings. Your teeth turning yellow could be nothing more than your enamels thinning out.

Ever lived through a traumatic experience?

If you have chipped your tooth or fractured it, the tooth could shift color simply because it’s laying down more dentin. The dentin is typically darker than your enamel, says Mouth Healthy.

Do you take medication?

Some types of antihistamines can darken your teeth. It’s a possible side effect. This also happens if you need regular supplies of antipsychotics as well as high blood pressure medications. In the case of kids whose teeth are still developing, early exposure to antibiotics such as tetracycline in the womb or as a baby can lead to discoloration in their teeth when they grow up. Doxycycline also has the same effect.

These are just a few of the possible factors your teeth went from white to gray. Good thing we can change that for you. If you want a better, brighter smile, call us at Levan Dental Group and schedule your first teeth whitening in Livonia right away.