Teeth Whitening – Providing Vibrant, Confident Smiles

A smile is usually the first thing we notice about other people. Whether you have an important event or just want to brighten your smile, you can leave a great first impression by utilizing dental services such as teeth whitening. Livonia clients can take advantage of the services we offer at Levan Dental Group. We offer in-office teeth whitening services to help you achieve a brighter, younger looking smile.

The Teeth Whitening Process

One option for whitening we offer is a process that involves making models of your teeth in order to produce custom plastic trays that can be used for whitening. These trays are used in conjunction with a whitening, dentist-safe gel. You simply place the specified amount of whitening gel into each tray and position the custom trays over your teeth, wearing the trays for an hour each day. With this process, you will begin to see results within a few weeks.

Another option is a process called accelerated whitening. This process is perfect for events such as a job interview, where you don’t have time to wait on the results from traditional whitening processes. This process involves using a protective gel/guard to protect gums and bleaching agent that is directly applied to the teeth. Heat or a special light is directed at the teeth and used to accelerate the effects of the agent. This process shows results after one treatment, but additional treatments may be needed for ideal results.

Although this process is not permanent, you can help to help maintain your results by avoiding dark drinks like coffee.

At-Home vs. In-Office Whitening

Many over the counter options such as whitening toothpaste work by using abrasives to remove stains that can damage the enamel. Whitening strips can irritate gums and are not typically as effective as an in-office whitening procedure. When done by our professionals, these procedures are not only safer for your teeth and gums, but can also offer more noticeable results.

Finding the Right Whitening Option

Type of staining and tooth condition come into play when deciding on a whitening process. Be sure to speak with our dentistry professionals regarding teeth whitening. We provide whitening options and other dental services to help you achieve a vibrant smile.

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