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From whitening your teeth to closing gaps and straightening teeth, there are many cosmetic services that can restore a beautiful smile. Cosmetic dentistry can improve your appearance, give you a beautiful, bright, and healthy smile increasing self-confidence and overall life satisfaction.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

There is a comprehensive range of cosmetic dentistry services that can improve your smile:

  • Porcelain Veneers
    Veneers are a thin shell of ceramic that bonds directly to the tooth and covers the front sides of the tooth to change their color or shape. They improve teeth with gaps, teeth that are chipped, worn, have stains, are oddly shaped, or crooked. Porcelain veneers are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.
    Click here to learn more about porcelain veneers
  • Teeth Whitening
    Over time, teeth become stained or discolored due to foods, beverages, smoking, or certain medications. Teeth whitening can restore teeth to a more aesthetically pleasing color in just four to six weeks.
    Click here to learn more about teeth whitening
  • Cosmetic Bonding
    Bonding can improve teeth that are broken, stained, cracked, or have excess space between them. A white, tooth colored material is shaded to match your teeth and sculpted to cover or replace the problem area. The material bonds to the surface of your teeth like a glue. It is often “cured” or hardened with an intense ultraviolet light.
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  • Crowns
    Crowns completely cover the teeth like a cap, restoring the tooth to a normal shape and appearance. Cosmetically, crowns can cover a misshaped or discolored tooth, restore a broken tooth, or cover a tooth with a large filling.
    Click here to learn more about crowns
  • Bridges
    A bridge is a single appliance that is generally attached to two teeth on each side of the space where a tooth is missing and an artificial tooth is attached to the bridge, filling the gap of the missing tooth. Click here to learn more about bridges
  • Invisalign Orthodontics
    Finally, a way to straighten teeth without unsightly metal braces. Invisalign is a relatively new way to straighten teeth for adults and teens. A custom made series of aligner trays fit smoothly and comfortably over the teeth to reposition them. Invisalign can not only fix crooked teeth but also realign a bite or correct jaw positioning or jaw disorders. They are nearly invisible to the naked eye.Click here to learn more about Invisalign orthodontics

Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry

The cost of cosmetic dentistry varies depending on what services you need. Schedule a consultation to find out exactly how much cosmetic dentistry will cost for you. We also offer easy payment plans such as CareCredit to help with your payment.

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