Are You A Good Candidate For Invisalign Orthodontics?

In previous years the only option teens or adults had to straighten their teeth was to wear metal braces. These were not only unsightly, but they were also painful, often caused a higher risk of tooth staining and gum problems, and they required frequent visits to the orthodontist for tightening and adjustment.

Over the last decade, Invisalign aligners have become a very important alternative to the problems associated with those traditional metal braces. Made of a clear plastic that is almost invisible when on the teeth, these removable trays are custom designed for each patient.

While Invisalign is not right for every patient we see, it is a great option for many people with tooth alignment problems, teeth that are too crowded or to move teeth to fill in gaps between teeth. They are custom fitted for every patient to ensure the possible fit and highest comfort.

How They Work

The first step is to come into our office and meet with our cosmetic dentists. We will take impressions of your mouth as well as x-rays, which allows the trays to be custom made to your current bite, as well as trays that will be used as the teeth move into the correct placement in your mouth.

The clear aligners simply pop into place, and you will wear them at all times unless you are eating. The Invisalign trays are easy to remove, so you can enjoy the foods you love and also completely clean your teeth after every meal and before you go to bed.

Every two weeks you will use a new set of aligners or trays that keep the teeth moving into the correct position. You will need to see us at scheduled intervals in the treatment, but not on a weekly or bi-weekly basis as may have been necessary with metal braces.

The Advantages

With the ability to remove the Invisalign aligners when eating, people have absolutely no restrictions on the foods they can enjoy.

There will be some sensitivity with the movement of the teeth. However, without the adjustment happening all at one time, as with tightening braces, there is not the pain and discomfort associated with traditional braces. When you add the benefits of being able to more effectively brush and floss your teeth, it isn’t difficult to see why these are a popular option.

Our dentists can provide you with information on using Invisalign to correct your bite or to address your teeth straightening needs. Contact the Levan Dental Group today at 734-464-8020 and we would be happy to schedule an appointment or answer your questions.