Finding the Best Dentist: Why Levan Dental Group?

Quality oral healthcare is your right. However, most people spend a great deal of their time and money going to inexperienced dentists that don’t provide good quality dental services. If you are looking to find the best dentist in your Northville, Livonia, Plymouth, and surrounding areas, we have highlighted a couple of factors that you should consider. At Levan Dental Group, we believe transparency and a high standard of service are essential in maintaining our clientele. That’s why we deliver the highest quality of dental services and cosmetic dentistry services in the area. Read to learn more about out what sets us apart from other dental clinics.


Reputation plays a very important role in the oral healthcare industry. Before you book an appointment with any dentist its important to do your homework. At Levan Dental Group, we have worked very hard to build and maintain our reputation and stay at the cutting edge of the latest dental techniques. We are well respected and have one of the highest retention rates of all dental clinics in the vicinity. If you are looking for quality dental care, visit us today!


Some dental clinics only offer cosmetic services, while others focus primarily on oral care. Then, there are certain major clinics that offer a combination of oral healthcare and cosmetic treatments to their customers. At Levan Dental Group, we offer both! Before you book an appointment with us, we recommend you visit the clinic’s official website and read about the services we offer. Whether you want to get a root canal or wish to get a new dental implant restoration, we can get it done!

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