Finding a Plymouth MI Dentist for Implant Restorations

Finding a Plymouth MI dentist that you can trust to do a dental implant restoration is extremely important. The reality is that not every dentist office provides up-to-date expertise on all dental procedures. For instance, dental implant restoration is a fairly complex procedure that is an alternative to tooth replacement. This particular procedure also involves multiple visits.

Moreover, many dentists choose to refer a specialist for the tooth root replacement. Here, at Levan Dental Group, we can handle the entire procedure in-office, as our dentists are well versed in dental implant restorations and offer cosmetic dentistry services.

Implant Restorations

The procedure itself involves gently folding back the gum covering the area to access the underlying bone that will eventually receive the implant. Once the underlying bone is exposed the amount of preparation that is necessary ultimately depends on the number of implants that are necessary-if you are missing several teeth or a row of teeth then either a permanent bridge or full set of dentures can be secured via implant restoration.

After prepping the area, the implant(s) are carefully placed and the gum is sutured closed. It generally takes anywhere from three to six month for the implant to become fully integrated into the bone. Once, the integration occurs, a custom-designed crown will be fitted over the existing post.

Level of Skill Necessary

As you can see, you will want to find a Plymouth MI dentist that has the necessary skill level to safely and successfully perform this procedure. At Levan Dental Group, our highly skilled dentist will take the time to go over the dental implant procedure so you’re comfortable.

Do You Meet the Criteria for Restoration?

This is an important to ask yourself when considering a dental implant restoration. Call our office to schedule an appointment with our experienced cosmetic dentists to determine if you are in fact a good candidate for implant restoration.