6 Great Reasons Not to Skip Your Dental Cleaning

If you’re thinking about canceling your dental cleaning, you’re not alone. Many people find visits to the dentist unpleasant, and dental fear is common. But preventive care is your best weapon against advanced dental problems ones that will be a lot more unpleasant to endure in the long run than a dental cleaning and check up. Here are six reasons to think twice before you skip out on that appointment:

1. Prevent Tooth Decay

This might be one of the most obvious reasons to get your teeth checked out and cleaned. By removing plaque and tartar building, a cleaning lessens your chances of tooth decay. And by going in for a cleaning and exam, your dentist will be able to evaluate your teeth and pinpoint any early signs of decay. The earlier problems are spotted, the less trouble you’ll have treating them!

2. Whiten Your Smile

Cleaning and polishing can remove some stubborn surface staining that may have built up since your past visit. Some of your stains from coffee, wine, and smoking can be buffed away.

3. Oral Cancer Screening

Your dentist will screen you for oral cancer by examining your mouth. This isn’t something you want to skip, especially if you use tobacco. But that’s not all; the HPV virus can also cause oral cancers.

4. Prevent Gum Disease

Buildup of plaque can cause bacteria to grow in your mouth, which can lead to gum disease and tooth loss. You regular cleanings remove this plaque buildup, giving you a defense against the disease.

5. Freshen Your Breath

Sticking with your cleanings means improved oral health overall, which leads to fresher breath! Plaque or tartar can cause your breath to become unpleasant, and removing them helps to keep odor-causing bacteria at bay.

6. Your Toothbrush can’t do all the Work!

Even if your brush your teeth religiously, you still won’t be able to clean your teeth to the extent that a dental hygienist or dentist can. You simply don’t have the tools or the skill! So even if you’re diligent about brushing and flossing, a professional cleaning is key.

Overall, there are lots of great reasons to put your anxiety aside and head in for your cleaning. After all, it’s only twice a year! Even though these cleanings are so infrequent, their benefits can help you have a lifetime of great mental health. Don’t skip your appointment—or schedule one today if you’re behind!
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